An Immersive Haunting Experience


The Haunting

Every year when the days grow short and the winds grow cold, Anthem and Aria produce a theatrical haunting.

Inspired by seances conducted by fraudulent  Victorian mediums, The All American Haunting is a blend of Illusion, Hypnosis, Escape Game, and Theatre. 

Anthem and Aria produce the theatrical seance at theaters, colleges, and private parties around the country. 

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FREAK-uently Asked Questions

Is the show scary?

Yes, it is a bit like a live-action horror movie with jump-scares and special effects. There are also moments of fun, magic, illusion, and humor. 


How long is the seance?

Both the Intimate Seance Parlor and Stage Show versions run at 60 minutes. We also have a 30 minute version of the Seance Parlor.


Are real spirits being summoned? 

We have never had any REAL spirit activity, only fun and games! The spirits prefer to watch in peace!


Can you do the seance multiple times for small groups?

Yes! If you want to do the intimate experience but can only fit a small amount of people, we can do 2 separate experiences at no extra charge.

Can you customize the experience to feature our local ghost stories and legends?

The show is already written to do so, as the show is presented under the guise of an investigation. 


How easy is the seance to produce?

The Stage Version only needs a light and sound check to look it's best. The intimate Seance Parlor requires some extra setup. Our info packet has a description of everything needed to produce the Seance Parlor including a PA system, Pipe and Drape, and a room made to be pitch black. While a little more work is needed, we have never had a problem Haunting any space.


Is the event safe?

We are certified in crowd management during emergencies and take every precaution to ensure your student's safety.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes! We offer a Mind-Reading and Fortune Telling show as well as Virtual and In-Person Tarot and Palm Readings!



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