The Psychic Soulmates

Anthem and Aria are mind-readers and heart-readers in love. Your attendees will be moved by a story of connection and amazed by impossible psychic displays!

Anthem and Aria are your deluxe event solution! You'll love how Anthem and Aria help your event run smoothly and give your guests a night to remember.

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Dear Event Planner,

Your attendees will always remember how your event made them Feel. Crafting an engaging, uplifting, and entertaining event is key to everyone feeling great. Luckily, Anthem and Aria have the experience to help you succeed!


Their engaging presentations are empowering, hilarious, and awe-inspiring. Your guests will be left in wonder at the mental mysteries on display and inspired by the story of connection.

Anthem and Aria's award winning show is perfect for hard to please audiences who have seen it all. Trusted by companies, universities, and event producers nationwide, you can rest easy knowing Anthem and Aria will deliver.

Your event deserves programming that will resonate with it's core message and make everyone feel great! They will thank you!


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You Can Expect

*Customized Entertainment

*Flexible Professionalism

*Fast and Effective Ice-Breaking

*Happy VIP's and Board Members

*Laughter and Relaxation

*Easy-Breezy Booking Process

*Creative Event Solutions 

*A Full House Attendance

You'll Avoid...

*Brain Burnout and Lecture Overload

*Awkward Silences at Cocktail Hour

*Late Keynote Speaker Scramble

*Sluggish Schedule Syndrome

*Forgettable Award Ceremonies

*Year to Year Repetition (Event DeJaVu)


Our Calendar Is Filling up FAST! 


The feedback from the 400 attendees has been over the top.

People loved your performance

Jerry Gallegos - Bemer USA


Trusted By

And Many More!



If your entertainment doesn't feature your message for the event, then it is just watering it down! We feature your brand, products, and messages in the show!

Perfect For Conventions!


2 Amazing Entertainers that are easy to work with, bring a show that has something for everyone, and fit in your budget. Not to mention they help promote the event?

No, you're not dreaming. Go ahead and pinch yourself.

Virtual Shows

We find ourselves in strange times. You may have had to cancel one or more events and now you are looking at hosting events online.

Luckily, Anthem and Aria have created the perfect interactive experience for your online event, The Virtual Magic Show!


Imagine the perfect holiday party...

*It set the tone for the year.

*It broke the ice.

*It outdid last years event.

*The group felt appreciated and celebrated... And They Thanked You For It.

We can make these results appear like magic!

3 Easy steps to a successful Event!


Contact Anthem and Aria and share your vision for the event! If Anthem and Aria are available and believe themselves to be a good fit, they will flex their creative muscles and put together a customized performance tailored to the culture of your group!


Once you book Anthem and Aria, you can use their EZ-checkout system that accepts cards and PayPal. Sign the agreement and fill out the Event Detail Form and you're done! Anthem and Aria will be in touch up to the day of the event. Feel free to reach out to them by phone or email and expect a speedy response.


Anthem and Aria arrive early and prepared for anything. Greeting you with kindness and professionalism, Anthem and Aria quickly set up and are ready to help with any hiccups and speed bumps throughout the event. After the show they leave everything cleaner than they found it and touch base with you to ensure your satisfaction!


Our Message

Connection is Inevitable

Right now, it seems like everyone is so disconnected from each other. However, not everything is as it seems. 


Anthem and Aria's story of connection holds an inspiring message for anyone feeling disconnected or for those who want to connect more deeply with the people they know.

Anthem and Aria call upon your group to not be fooled by the illusion of separation, but to see that it is only time that separates us from what we are all looking for, Connection.


Our Calendar Is Filling up FAST! 


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