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You need to make your next trade show count! Better carpets and displays might help, but there's something really cool that you need to know! from

"According to research conducted by Exhibit Surveys, Inc. of Red Bank, New Jersey, live demonstrations and entertainment are the most effective methods for attracting booth visitors in an exhibition hall."

Anthem Flint started presenting at trade show booths since his teens and has since helped his clients hit their goals year after year

He and his partner Aria have traveled to almost all of the fifty states and overseas to help companies like yours gain foot traffic, find more qualified leads, inform potential clients about products, and get brand names stuck in the heads of everyone on the convention floor!

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Anthem Flint and Aria were professional and very easy to communicate with. It was a pleasure to plan our event with them.   Through every step of the booking process, Anthem  and Aria were high spirited, happy, friendly and flexible with what our event required. I am grateful I found them. The guests they performed for were astounded by their talent. One guest said, "she reads minds doesnt she?!"  Another guest said, "They really do magic". Thank you Anthem Flint and Aria for your talent, professionalism and flexibility! Huzzah! -

Tanner Palmer,

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