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Customized Magic using your products and brand!

Capture Attention and Qualify Leads!

How Magic can increase Your foot traffic, Brand Awareness, Leads, and Sales

Trade Show Booth Ideas Magician and Pitchman
Increase Foot Traffic at Trade Show Trends
Trade Show Booth Trends

You have 4 seconds to capture the attention of trade show attendees. 4 seconds to stop them in their tracks and start a conversation.

Better carpets and displays might help, but there's something really cool that you need to know from

"According to research conducted by Exhibit Surveys, Inc. of Red Bank, New Jersey, live demonstrations and entertainment are the most effective methods for attracting booth visitors in an exhibition hall."

Anthem and Aria have been gathering crowds at trade shows all around the world since their teenage years. After honing their craft, they know that by giving the audience something to stop for, something to enjoy, they are more likely to talk to your sales team and grow your company.

Now imagine this, Every 15 or 30 minutes Anthem and Aria stand at the corner of your booth and use guerrilla crowd building tactics to stop prospects. Combining your message, selling points, and products with magic entertains and educates attendees about your brand. By the end of their 10 Minutes, Anthem and Aria have a crowd cheering your brand name, and qualifying themselves for your sales team!

Their unique approach is exactly why the Empowertainers are trusted by some of the most recognized brands in the world. 

Contact Anthem and Aria now to learn more about using magic to Empower your brand!

VIP Treatment

Your trade show booth needs to look Highlighted, Special, Fun, and Interesting.

An entertainer that supplies these three things can help you achieve that…

Value: Not just standard card tricks to draw them in, Customized Magic that highlights your brand and builds excitement!

Impact: You want people to be talking about your booth, You want to give your competitors 'booth envy'! We can make it happen!

Profit: Outdo last year's numbers with more qualified leads, more foot traffic, and more sales! 


Magic is about transformation, and we are here to transform the trade show experience!





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