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Authors and Speakers With
Showmanship In Their Blood.


Meetings, Opening Sessions,And Galas

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Corporate Entertainers and Magicians with ideas for yor Awards Ceremony or Kickoff

You’re hosting a meeting, convention, or regional event and you don’t want it to be the same “Blah” affair like so many company and association events. 

You want to give your attendees that WOW factor that will not only get people talking but also empower your attendees and your brand. Now you can impress everyone with world-class entertainment for your next opening session, gala, meeting, or award ceremony!

Anthem and Aria use their psychic skills to engage and astound everyone at your conference, sales meeting, introduction of officer, product launch, or Awards Dinner.

The longest lasting impression your event makes is how it makes everyone Feel. Your attendees will thank you for bringing in entertainment that not only features them in uplifting and interactive ways, but also makes them laugh out loud with fun jokes about the industry, company, and products!

We supply Tarot and Palm readings, Engaging Stage Shows, Crowd Building Trade Show Presentations, and Workshops to unlock the power of the mind! 

Still Skeptical? Anthem and Aria have been trusted by industry leading brands worldwide to get their crowds on their feet. From performing on Las Vegas stages to 

international hit TV show America's Got Talent, Anthem and Aria have the experience to make your event run smoothly and leave a massive impression!

EZ-Booking makes Anthem and Aria a breeze to do business with. From the moment you contact Anthem and Aria they will be there every step along the way to see your vision come to fruition. No buyers remorse here, that's why Anthem and Aria have only 5 star reviews from event producers from all industries.

Anthem and Aria predict you'll have an amazing event! Contact Us Now for a free consultation!

Corporate Meeting Entertainer
Perfect for Events Big and Small

Trusted By

Magician for Kickoff or Awards Ceremony
Keynote speakers and magicians
Impress everyone at your next event
MC for Awards Ceremony
Mentalist for colleges and universities
The #1 College magician
Corporate Magician

And Many More!

Virtual or In Person!


VIP Treatment

Your event needs an entertaining presenter that supplies these three things…

Value: Not just cheap laughs at your attendee's expense, but Empower-Tainment that makes them the star!

Impact: Emotional impact on attendees, financial impact for your company, or energetic impact on the event.

Profit: Up your company’s numbers by giving the attendees a new perspective and by teaching them the hidden tools of the mind.


What other presenter or entertainer can offer that?

The feedback from the 400 attendees has been over the top.

People loved your performance

Jerry Gallegos - Bemer USA

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See Exactly What Our Custom Services Look Like In Action. Click the link below!

Unforgettable Kickoff

You need to capture the attention of every attendee as soon as possible. You must set the tone for the event, and prevent them from spending your conference on their phone.

Allow us to warm up the crowd with a customized kickoff.

Imagine your Brand Name being the WOW moment of our best trick or imagine a table, charged with "team spirit" floating over the audience.

Give your event the "Opening Act" it deserves! Your Boss will thank you!

Gala and Award ceremony

Award ceremonies can drag on and on, and sometimes the attendees in the audience feel that their own success isn't being rewarded. Galas can be awkward without an effective and fun icebreaker. Solve both problems with our interactive and empowering entertainment. 

We make for unforgettable Emcee's and after dinner act that will make everyone feel special.


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