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Empower Your Brand

With Custom Entertainment

Set the tone for the year, Celebrate success, and break the ice at your holiday party

How to plan a Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Imagine if you had the perfect holiday party...

*It set the tone for the year.

*It broke the ice and built camaraderie.

*It outdid last years event. Big WOW factor!

*The group felt appreciated and celebrated... And They Thanked You For It.

*Profits increased because of an empowered, more connected, and more excited team!

Magical Entertainment can help you make these results appear like magic!


You want to give your attendees that WOW factor that will not only get people talking about your event, but will empower you, your attendees, and your brand. Finally, your holiday party can have 100% customized entertainment that fits your attendees like a glove.


Our empowering presentation is tailored to your business’ message, logos, and products, and will not only engage your audience but will break the ice and make a splash!

We spend the time to learn about your business and will be with you at every step of the way. From learning what has happened in your business that year, to what the competitors are up to, we will shape our show into the perfect bookend for the year. With no middle men, the information will be coming straight to us. (Which also makes the booking process much easier!)


It's no wonder our clients like Jagermeister, Great Clips, Delta Chi, EES, Digicomm, Bemer, Winter Park Resort, and so many others Trust Anthem and Aria for an incredible event experience.

Contact us now! Our calendar is already filling up!

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Custom Event Entertainment

VIP Treatment

Your event needs an entertaining presenter that supplies these three things…

Value: Not just cheap laughs at your attendee's expense, but Empower-Tainment that makes them the star!

Impact: Emotional impact on attendees, financial impact for your company, or energetic impact on the event.

Profit: Up your company’s numbers by giving the attendees a new perspective and by teaching them the hidden tools of the mind.


What other presenter or entertainer can offer that?

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The feedback from the 400 attendees has been over the top.

People loved your performance

Jerry Gallegos - Bemer USA

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