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The Magic Show That Makes Grown Ups Feel Young Again!

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How do you plan an amazing party that will impress everyone?


You're probably wondering how to take your party to the next level, how to get entertainment that is classy, and works for all ages.


Anthem And Aria have a few tricks up their sleeves that will make your guests and your guest of honor say, “WOW!”


Perfect for the group that has seen everything, your party will become an amazing and magical experience for everyone! Your Guest Of Honor will be a star of the show and also receive a unique magical gift from Anthem and Aria


Contact us now to check our availability and receive a free Entertainment Consultation.

How Do They Do That?

Anthem and Aria's greatest trick is connecting everyone in the room from the moment they introduce themselves.

The show has something for everyone! Magic, Music, Hypnotism, and Mind Reading.


The clever and philosophical direction of the show will both entertain and empower your whole group.


Their warm personalities and infectious stage presence are irresistible. Their Illusions are miraculous wonders that will leave everyone saying... How Do They Do That?

A relentlessly entertaining gauntlet of goofy jokes and mesmerizing illusions... Combining old-school showmanship, quick-witted comedy and mind-bending illusions, Anthem and Aria (aka the Empowertainers) present one of the city's most interesting evenings of entertainment... Anthem and Aria provide a one-of-a-kind evening of magic in every sense of the word.






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