What Do Our Clients Say?

***** Five Stars Tanner Palmer

Anthem Flint and Aria were professional and very easy to communicate with. It was a pleasure to plan our event with them.  They were early to our event and traveled a great distance to be there promptly. They were completely accommodating. Through every step of the booking process, Anthem  and Aria were high spirited, happy, friendly and flexible with what our event required. I am grateful I found them. The guests they performed for were astounded by their talent. One guest said, "she reads minds doesnt she?!" Another said, "it was crazy how they read my mind - how do they do that?" Yet another guest said, "They really do magic". Thank you Anthem Flint and Aria for your talent, professionalism and flexibility! Huzzah! -

-Tanner Palmer HopeOnline.org

***** Five Stars Jerry Gallegos

I watched several of your acts via videos posted on your Facebook page. They were quite compelling so our team decided to have you perform at the opening of our BEMER B20 event July 7, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. The feedback from the 400 attendees has been over the top. People loved your performance. It was an awesome way to demonstrate the fun aspect of the community we are forming globally. The two of you are extremely talented and professional. I encourage anyone in the business community to contract your performance as a way to open an event or for an after-party. Thank you!

Jerry Gallegos Bemer USA

***** Five Stars Brian Pignanelli

Anthem and Aria are true professionals. From the way they do business to the way they entertain, they are consistently on it. And they are extremely polite and simply pleasant people. From the minute I contacted them to the follow up on the event, they were always easy, honest, and excited to help. Our guests absolutely loved them both. They worked two different spaces for us simultaneously and there was a constant line of people eager to talk to them. They took groups of friends all at once and it made for a fun and entertaining experience for all participants. The reviews were fantastic and we were really happy with the outcome. They were major contributors to the success of our event!


-Brian Pignanelli- Rufigio Modern

***** Five Stars Mary Kasal

We're a company of engineers and, thus, skeptics! Very few in our group had experienced a show like this and I was hoping it would be worth it. It exceeded our expectations! Everyone was talking about it throughout the night and how it was impossible to do what they did. Their work is truly amazing!

Mary Kasal Engineering and Entitlement Solutions

***** Five Stars All Season Financial Advisors

Anthem and Aria tailored their performance perfectly for our audience and company. We maintained communication and contact from beginning to end. Before the event in preparation, we were able to communicate online, on the phone and in person. These guys really care about their craft. It is my belief that the Anthem and Aria show will continue to be successful and strong for years to come.

-All Season Financial Advisors

***** Five Stars Board Game Republic

Two bookings,twice overwhelmed with great performances and professionalism!... From the first contact there was professional communication, then an outstanding performance. We booked them again for Mysteria 2018, never even considering any other entertainers. Anthem and Aria deliver. If you want professional booking and professional entertainers, don't hesitate, these psychic soulmates are exceptional!

Brenda Meyers- Board Game Republic

The Westword

A relentlessly entertaining gauntlet of goofy jokes and mesmerizing illusions... Combining old-school showmanship, quick-witted comedy and mind-bending illusions, Anthem andAria (aka the Empowertainers) present one of the city's most interesting evenings of entertainment... Anthem and Aria provide a one-of-a-kind evening of magic in every sense of the word.

***** Five Stars Ella Goodine

Anthem and Aria were extremely proactive about reaching out to me after I posted a paragraph about my experimental performance art piece. They were not only professional in their communication, but they also went above and beyond to make sure I was experiencing their full range of talent. They were great communicators, and dedicated members of the piece.Both Anthem and Aria were able to be extremely dynamic performers. Their magic skills, and joy for the art astounded the audience. They were able to beautifully pull off a customized card trick lasting over a minute! Needless to say, they stole the show and I would love to work with them again.

Ella Goodine, Artist, The Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts


***** Five Stars Britney M.

We loved having Anthem and Aria for our Mardi Gras Celebration. They were fun, upbeat, entertaining, and so kind to work with. We were nervous about having fortune tellers for a very family-oriented event, but they assured us that they are perfect for families and children, and they were right.

-Britney M. -Event Coordinator at The Village at Winter Park Resort.

***** Five Stars Eli Fahrenkrug

​Anthem and Aria performed palm readings for about 100 people over a 3 hour timeframe. There was a constant line from the start to finish. People were enthralled. It was one of the highlights of the party. They did an absolutely wonderful job. Exactly what we were looking for!

-Eli Fahrenkrug 


***** Five Stars Jennifer Lane

Anthem and Aria did a great job connecting with the wide range of ages of attendees at the event and bringing them into his act! Highly recommend.

-Jennifer Lane -Jennifer Lane Events

***** Five Stars Misty Scheidt

I have had Anthem twice and Aria with Anthem the second time for two events. Both were outstanding. My guests were fascinated and enjoyed every second. Anthem and Aria left them both surprised and mystified as to how they do the things they do. There were plenty of WOW moments! They are a wonderful couple!!!! Amazing!


-Misty Scheidt


***** Five Stars Ashley Creekbaum

We had about fifteen people for my father's birthday and it was without a doubt the best idea hiring Anthem and Aria! We had an amazing time! Anthem actually stuck around and did palm readings for everybody! It was amazing!

-Ashley Creekbaum