Blow Everyone At Your Party Away!

Anthem and Aria

The Psychic Soulmates 

Anthem And Aria are the rising stars in the worlds of Magic and Mentalism. Using knowledge of the esoteric, they baffle audiences with demonstrations of empathic telepathy, mesmerizing hypnotism, and intuitive clairvoyance.

Anthem and Aria’s presentations are highly entertaining and interactive. Anthem and Aria combine Magic, Mentalism, Story-Telling and Comedy to make their audiences experience emotions ranging from gut busting laughter, to heart pumping suspense, and misty-eyed sentimentalism. Anthem and Aria have traveled all over the globe to share their art and services with companies like Norwegian Cruise Lines, Jaegermeister, Digicomm Intl., and Great Clips Inc. to enlighten and entertain their guests and corporate audiences. Now, Anthem and Aria are ready to blow your guests away! 


Give your guests something special with a Psychic Party from Anthem and Aria. In a group setting, Anthem and Aria present 

incredible psychic feats and mind reading to your guests. After the group presentation, Anthem and Aria give private readings to everyone in your group that would like one.