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Your guests trust your cruise line to supply world class entertainment that is fresh, exciting, and thrilling. Give them a show unlike anything they've seen before with Anthem and Aria! 

With Magic, Music, and Mind Reading, the show has something for everyone. The show is classy, humorous, and inspiring and the magic is jaw dropping! Anthem and Aria are some of the only magicians in the world combining enchanting singing and live music into their show.

Anthem and Aria have 2 55 minute shows and one Lecture for sea days. The shows are safe, PC, and appropriate for all ages, so is the lecture. Show #1 is a mind reading extravaganza, and show #2 is full of music and family friendly fun. The Lecture, Super Memory, is fun, interactive, and leaves everyone feeling great about their brain's hidden memory powers! A special "Close Up Show" is available upon request!

Anthem and Aria are easy to work with, drama free, and love hanging out with your guests in the lounges, Piano Bars, and Atrium. Your guests will feel like they are with celebrities as they experience classy one-on-one magic in the evenings.

Anthem and Aria are Currently Available November 2019 through January 2020, but not for long! Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if Anthem and Aria are a good fit for your cruise line!

Family Days, Orientation, Or Finals
Stadium Concrete Seats

Anthem and Aria's predictions come true! 

Powerful, Funny, and Memorable. You don't want to miss this show


-Highlands Ranch Herald