Anthem and Aria

The Empowertainers

You’re hosting a meeting, convention, or regional event and you don’t want it to be the same “Blah” affair like so many corporate events.


You want to give your attendees that WOW factor that will not only get people talking about your event, but will empower you, your attendees, and your brand. 


Now you can have 100% customized entertainment for your next opening session, gala, meeting, expo or award ceremony!


An empowering presentation tailored to your business’ message, logos, and products, will not only engage your audience but will break the ice and make a splash!


With over 15 years of experience working with clients like Jagermeister, Great Clips, Norwegian Cruise Lines, EES, Digicomm and so many more, you can trust Anthem and Aria to offer an incredible event experience.

How We Can Help

Your Event!

Here are a few examples of how Anthem and Aria solve the problems event coordinators face.


Opening Session: You need to capture attention right away. Otherwise, the budget you spent bringing in the best speakers is wasted on a large chunk of an un-engaged audience. Anthem and Aria have an exciting and amusing opening session presentation that can be used to promote a new product, make light of something happening in the industry, and highlight your brand to build camaraderie. Just imagine if instead of having the CEO give a long speech, Anthem and Aria gave the CEO magic powers. Imagine having them mix alphabet letters randomly but using their "Psychic Synergy" they are able to spell out the brand name across the stage. Every time Anthem and Aria do this the room goes wild!


Award Ceremony: Award Ceremonies are known for being painful. It’s difficult to keep everyone engaged, and by the end of the awards everyone just want to take off and get to the bar! Instead of doing the same old-same old, let us use the same techniques as top film and theatre directors to create an emotional attachment to the ceremony and our expertise as entertainers to keep the ceremony engaging


Gala: This is a VIP experience, or at least it should feel that way. So what can you do for the people in the room who have “Seen it all”? How can you get people talking to each other to break the ice, and even better, talking about Your event afterward. Anthem and Aria have a 35-45 minute presentation that is interactive, engaging, inspiring, and empowering. Anthem and Aria are the only act of their kind in the world, combining the art of second-sight, music, and magic, It’s something your attendees have never seen before!



"Anthem Flint and Aria were professional and very easy to communicate with. It was a pleasure to plan our event with them.   Through every step of the booking process, Anthem  and Aria were high spirited, happy, friendly and flexible with what our event required. I am grateful I found them. The guests they performed for were astounded by their talent. One guest said, "she reads minds doesnt she?!"  Another guest said, "They really do magic". Thank you Anthem Flint and Aria for your talent, professionalism and flexibility! Huzzah! "

Tanner Palmer,

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